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Adventure Log

As you'll probably see, I've already put a substantial synopsis of the campaign up to this point on the Adventure Log. If you'd like me to elaborate on anything at all I detailed there, let me know. This offer is only for things that occured before this point; now that the campaign wiki is up I will leave it mostly up to you to chronicle the details of the game.

Someone should post a new adventure log after each game session for posterity. I won't do it if you guys don't care enough, but if you look at the synopsis I've written for up-to-this-point, you'll see how it might be useful to keep a public log of what's happened, especially as the plot becomes less linear!

Wiki Pages

I put a lot of thought into this campaign, and I plan for it to be internally consistent, so feel free to use these wiki pages to build articles on characters, plots, and locations in the campaign.

Mike: It appears that the NPC Tracker can handle PCs as well, so I suggest everyone use it to make a page for their character. As for the wiki itself, I suggest we use it for info on locations and items, and eventually plots once we've worked out enough of one to put it together.

Evan: There's a characters tab designed specifically for PCs. It looks like you found it just fine. There's also wiki syntax to link to characters from within. I've already set up a list of the members of The Rediron Avengers.

Talk Pages

I think the forum functionality might be gimped, so you can also use these pages and the wiki pages to talk. To leave a comment, just put your name in bold and post the comment, like the above exchange between Mike and I. Don’t delete any conversation that’s still relevant.

NPC Tracker

I've put some sample NPCs in the NPC tracker. Feel free to add any other NPCs you think might be important; I've left out a few important ones because I don't have my personalbrain files in front of me right now. Add tags gratuitously.

Golden Prophecy

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